Danny Brown- 25 Bucks ft Purity Ring

Surprisingly, Danny Brown and Purity Ring make a great collaboration. “Old” Danny Brown’s new LP released in early October shows a new side to him, not so much like his other album “XXX”. This album we see Danny Brown at his most accessible and like-able. We see classic Danny Brown hip-hop mixed with the flowless beats of Purity Ring as well as added vocals from Purity Ring. Danny Brown really proved to the haters that he has great potential and can produce tracks not solely about “sniffing adderall off the counter in my kitchen”. Yes, Brown still shows us this side in “Old” but definitely not as much as in “XXX”. Brown has matured, and I believe it’s for the better.

Songs to listen to on “Old”: The Return (ft. Freddie Gibbs), 25 Bucks ft. Purity Ring, Dip, and Kush Coma (feat. A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz)


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