Pretty Lights – “A Color Map of the Sun” Remix Album Stream

Rolling Stone Magazine rolled out an unexpected gift today in the form of a 16-song remix EP of Pretty Lights’ Color Map of the Sun.  Being a CO native I have mad respect for what Pretty Lights has brought to the game, and this remix EP does not disappoint.  Remixes from big names like Datsik, ODESZA (who put out arguably the best EP of the year to this point), Opiuo, heRobust, Griz, Break Science, Two Fresh, Free n Losh, and many more bring new flavor to the entire EP.  Check it out and live stream from Rolling Stone, my favorite remixes include GriZ, ODESZA, Opiou, heRobust (heavy af), and Blood Diamond’s works.

PS if you’re looking for great study music as finals bear down upon us, check out Pretty Light’s old albums, they’re great chill instrumental works that are perfect for vibing while trying to remember what you’ve learned all semester. They’re all up for free download here:

And if you’re living with your head under a rock and don’t know who Pretty Lights is, please, please listen to this song:


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