Childish Gambino – because the internet (Album Review)

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s new album leaked a few days and it’s simply brilliant.  The mans not only an extremely successful rapper, but his other job is writing for 30 Rock and acting on the show Community.  So you know he’s smart. His album is extremely diverse, covering a huge span of genres but weaving them all together with remarkable musical precision.  Filled with on-point social commentary the album really tells a story.  Along with the album Glover posted a script of the story he’s telling through the album.  I’ve never seen anything like what he’s done with this, its honestly genius.  It’s 75 pages long and the songs in the album are streamed throughout at the points they are meant to be played.  There’s also short video clips throughout, its extremely interesting.  I understand that 75 pages seems daunting, but I HIGHLY recommend that you spend time to read it.  There is also a 25 minute movie that he put out a few months ago.  Bad timing with finals but its worth taking an hour and a half study break to do this.  If you can’t make time, still listen to the album, theres some works of genius.  Favorite songs are hard to say because the entire album is so diverse but 3005 is gonna go mainstream very quickly, Telegraph Ave is great, as are Flight of the Navigator and Zealots of Stockholm.  The entire album is worth listening to, its pretty dark and not what I expected from Gambino (nothing like a lot of his old music) but its extremely good.  If you wanna stream the songs they’re all throughout the script.  Official release Dec. 10th. (Script/Stream)

Take a listen to “No Exit” Childish Gambino’s, love this song.


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