Mr. Carmack – Day 7: Awe’s “Jurassic”

Throwing it back a couple months here. If you don’t listen to Mr. Carmack, you should jump on the bandwagon.  Unbelievably tasteful grooves that are perfect to study to.  This one is a personal favorite – vibe to it, and good luck to all with finals



Something I came up with this morning. Here is 20 songs I will be studying to, to get me through this shitty week. Featuring Banks, Sia, Yahtzel, Bonobo, Nightmares on Wax and much more. Take a listen, its a one hour playlist

Good luck everyone!

ILLUMNTR – Tangled with Bear

This popped up on my Soundcloud as being supported by Gramatik, so I gave it a listen.  The debut single from ILLUMNTR this “deep space gospel” is reminiscent of something I would expect from Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, or something of the like.  Apparently this new guy on the scene did all of the composition, production, vocals, and instruments on the song.  It’s catchy and very well done, give it a moment of your day

The Weekend Update

A handpicked selection of some of what we’ve been listening to, mostly new songs from the weekend – Cheers

Very solid mix from Kastle, a sampler from his self-titled album

Super fresh take on Holdin On (one of my all-time favorites) brilliant use of the original percussion elements to make his version.

If you’re into tech house even a little bit, this is a pretty dope tune. Lots of support from very big names in the industry. I personally don’t listen to much tech house but this is pretty fly

“Future Trap” – the future looks bright. Super tight and unusual sounds, Flume-esque

Study vibes, beautiful voice. Plus the free download (insert thumbs up emoji)

Easily my favorite prog house artists in the game, euphoric sounds, dance party.

Whensday Playlist

It’s only Wednesday….with finals so close, teachers throwing papers, projects, and other bullshit at you. Listen to this playlist while grinding.  Mostly old music, but some new music from Alt-J off their new EP “Summer Remixes”, as well as an MS MR cover of LCD Soundsystem, and a Knocks remix.


Bondax- Fires (Ft. Josh Record)

Sit back, stop whatever your doing, homework, projects, studying and put on some headphones and bump this new tune by Bondax. It will be sure to chill you out.

Bondax, the experimental electronic duo hailing from Lancaster, England, consisting of young DJ’s Adam Kaye and George Townsend utilizes downplayed yet powerful beats to get you slowly moving to the beat. The addition of Josh Record’s smooth vocals really makes this a slow jam to dance to.