Apashe- No Twerk (Panther X Odalisk)

Honestly, this is the first time I have heard anything from these two artists, but I’m glad I found “No Twerk.” These two guys add so many elements to the song but make it flow to form an insane beat. They throw an assortment of different vocals and sounds that make this song so unique. I have been jamming to this song constantly for the last few days and it is really difficult to stop. Download the song and let it blast.


WYLIN- Paper Diamond X Loudpvck

Loudpvck and Paper Diamond have finally released their anticipated “WYLIN” after teasers have been heard on the internet. Currently on tour together, Loudpvck and Paper DIamond give us yet another dirty, trapped out original. Loudpvck recently released “Fuzzy Peach” that received much praise, but I think this song tops it. It’s the classic Loudpvck sound we have all come to know and love. Download the track and Enjoy!

BANKS- Fall Over(Djemba Djemba Remix)

If you haven’t yet heard of Djemba Djemba yet, then you heard it here first. He’s has come out with a couple of songs I love and this one might be my favorite. Djemba Djemba takes BANKS’ soothing original and adds some Bass that will have you bouncing until the track sadly ends. The link to his Soundcloud is below so check out some of his other tunes! Enjoy.

Starting Over (Lookas x Enzo Picardi Festival Trap Remix)- Ookay


Everyone and their Mama need to know about these two DJs. They are the biggest up-and-commers in the festival trap scene(just ask Victor Niglio). If you don’t believe me take a listen to their soundclouds. My bet is this song will be played at every single festival this upcoming 2014 year. It has an up tempo beat with a hard hitting bass you can’t help but jam out to. Enjoy the tune by the two youngins from Miami.