Synchronize feat. Hadouken! (Original Mix)- Hadouken!, Tom Swoon, Paris Blohm

Paris Blohm has been my favorite Progressive House Dj since last year when I discovered him and all the glory he has made. His songs like “Presence,” “Things Called Love,” and “Reason” are some of my favorites. The only word I would use to describe this song is beautiful. It’s one of those songs that makes you fall in love at a music festival. The vocals are perfect and the beat is so catchy. Please take a listen and enjoy what Hadouken! Tom Swoon, and Paris Blohm have masterfully crafted.


2013 in 10 Minutes- Dzeko and Torres

Sorry for the hiatus everyone. Dzeko and Torres released 2012 in 10 minutes at the end of last year and I still think it’s the perfect mix. Their objective is to blend all the best house tracks that were made in the previous year to make a 10 minute banger and they succeed. 2013 was a huge year for the EDM scene which makes the 2013 mix so good. Some artists featured on the track are Alesso, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Tommy Trash and just about every other big name in the Electronic game. Enjoy the mix and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Technicolor (Grandtheft Edit)- Madeon

The theme on the site this week has been to post chill music that settles a man’s soul in order to calm him from the stresses of finals. This song is no exception. This remix has a very happy-go-lucky mood to it. Another example of chill trap, Grandtheft’s edit “Technicolor” has a beautiful sounds to have you posted as you listen. Enjoy!

A Very Decent Christmas- Mad Decent

There’s nothing better than listening to a little Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit. If you are too busy with finals to do so, you can take a listen to Mad Decent’s new album release A Very Decent Christmas. It is actually amazing to see these artists turn simple Christmas songs into trap bangers. And who better to do it then some of the biggest names in trap like Diplo and DJ Snake? Or the newest up and coming artists Gent & Jawns and Kennedy Jones? There is not one person that can see this and not be curious to hear what a trapped out Christmas tune is like. You can buy the album on ITunes or just chill on the site and get some Christmas cheer! Happy Holidays!