Who is Killa Static?

Killa Static started as three friends from the University of San Diego, that had a very similar taste in music who shared the same passion for music. We began sharing music via Facebook and various other social media outlets which eventually led to the creation of killa static. We were tired of friends nagging for the name of songs we had previously played so we created this website to act like a playlist of sorts as well as give our opinions on songs we have found and liked.

Some of our favorite genres include hip hop/rap, electronic, and indie/alternative. Some of our favorite artists would have to include; Flume, Kanye West, Danny Brown, Odesza, Kaytranada, Future Islands, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator, Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar and all of TDE, 20syl, Ta-Ku, and many more.

We are always trying to expand and reach new audiences, so if you are interested in writing our helping out killa static in any way shoot me a email/message and well be in touch.

Check out our blog for some of the freshest and dopest tunes. And as always liking and sharing with your friends definitely helps us out and we appreciate the support!


Killa Static Team



  1. Hi guys, just trying to hit you up about a music/art project we’re working on but can’t seem to find a submission email. Do you have one I can reach you on?

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